Residential camp from May 18-25, 2019

Location - Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Anaikatti is about 35kms from Coimbatore city.


You will have to reach the Ashram by 6:30 PM on Saturday May 18. There will be an orientation session at 8 PM. Classes will start from the next day morning. Camp will end with lunch on May 25. You can plan to leave after 1 PM.


We are presently considering a separate session for boys and girls between 12 and 16. Will decide on that depending on the response.

Topic of the camp will be Yaksha Prashna. Yaksha Prashna is a profound section from the Mahabharata, where Lord Yama asks a set of 123 questions, to Yudhishthira, on a variety of topics concerning ethics, code of conduct, knowledge of oneself, pursuit of the truth and the qualifications required for the pursuit, attitude to life in general, Universal order, appreciation of divinity in the world around us etc. In short it is a beautiful treatise on Indian Culture, values and tradition in the form of a dialogue. We will also cover certain stories/sections from the Mahabharata hitherto not very well known.


Camp will be conducted by Swami Sarvananda.


Camp Schedule is on the right.