Swami Prajnanananda
07 May, 2020

Unprecedented panic prevails in the entire human society today due to a novel virus. We may not know the cause for the emergence of the virus and the remedy as of now. But in the laws of the Lord, there is a reason for everything that happens. There is no such thing as accident in nature. We, the human beings call it accident or novelty when we do not know the reasons.

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Swami Sarvananda
08 Nov, 2019

Relationships can make or destroy a person's happiness. Life is a continuous stream of managing relationships beginning from one's own mother, father, siblings, relatives, friends and so on. And continued on to girlfriend/boyfriend, wife, husband, employer, employee, boss, neighbor etc etc. Relationships are of 2 types - one those that are thrust upon us and the others that we choose to get into. Until a certain point, probably around the age of 12 or so, relationships are thrust upon us. Primarily because one does not have much of choice and also because one is not fully capable of making intelligent decisions. Once a person becomes old enough to make independent choices then we choose to get into relationships and our happiness is directly proportional to how we manage relationships whether it is personal or professional. The issue unfortunately here is there is no universal guideline as to how a relationship has to be managed. There cannot be one to because the number of relationships is numerous and each one is infinitely dynamic and complicated.

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Swami Sarvananda
10 Jul, 2019

The two words Religion and Spirituality are being used interchangeably quite often in the world today. This causes a lot of confusion. Do they mean the same thing? If not, the question arises – is it advisable to be religious or spiritual or both? In the Indian context being Religious could mean going to a temple, doing Yoga (just Asanas), praying in front of a deity for a few minutes, just believing in God (s), putting a mark on the forehead like kumkum, Vibhuti or Chandan, doing something fire rituals either by oneself or by taking the help of a priest, just performing one’s duties (karma yoga) etc. The problem arises when many of the above activities are confused with “Spirituality”, as is the case many a time. For example a person just going to a temple or just putting something on the forehead without anything beyond that, praying every day or even doing some Yoga (Asanas), could call himself Spiritual. Is it proper to do that? Why should the words religion and spirituality not be used interchangeably? What may be the dangers/pitfalls and what does one lose by doing so? Are religion and spirituality connected or independent? For answers to these questions, we need to properly understand the meaning of both the words, the realm of relevance of Religion, the realm of application of Spirituality, the overlap, the interconnectedness, how Religion leads to Spirituality and the necessity of each of them. It is very important to understand this because that is what Indian culture is resting on. Being unclear about their relationship keeps us firmly in limited/time bound existence also called the cycle of repeated birth and death while having clarity leads me towards immortality or liberation. The choice purely rests with each one of us. And ignoring one at the cost of the other is at our own peril.

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Swami Prajnanananda
16 Jan, 2014

Oh, in this mad, mad world

What are we running after?

Mad after deluding matter

Mad of money or mad of power

Never ending madness of mankind

It is a cycle of no start and end

Progress of science cannot find

Answer to worries of human mind

All are mad after this or that

Why not be mad after the Lord?

In ever changing material world

You may be the one to go beyond

Birds flying free, fish swim in ease

Trees reach the sky, nature in all smiles

Only the human caught in the web

Woven by him all over the world

World Wide Web, net and phone

It is all for fun ending in vain

Men now spend on cars and phones

More than food, house and books


Men can learn from birds and fish

They are not mad and make no sin

If you are mad, be mad after God

After all He is there in your heart.

Swami Prajnanananda
11 Nov, 2013

Born is grown, worn and gone

Seen are many, the seer is one

Known is matter, knower is soul

Whole is soul, ever alive unborn

Sun in puddles shines as many

Sun ever shines not the puddles

Soul that shines makes all shine

Soul gives life to mind and body

Pots are many born out of clay

Pots and jugs are born and gone

Self is the soul and cause as clay

Things come and go, Self will stay

Space is in and outside the pot

Space in pot has the limit of pot

Break the pot to limitless space

Great to know the limitless Self.

Swami Prajnanananda
21 Sep, 2012

"I don't know what to do with you. You just irritate me. I hate to see you” -This young man's voice was trembling; his body was shaking when he shouted at the other guy in the room. Then he pushed the guy out and shut the door. Such things happen in our hostel, home and work place, when the disagreement goes beyond limits. Just one word made his face red, voice tremble and body shake. What did he say? -'hate’. If this word can be removed trom our thoughts, most of our problems vanish. What happens when we hate some one? It affects us more than the person hated. Sometimes the person we hate may not even be aware of the hatred. Think of a colleague you hate at your work for some reason. Every time he walks across, you feel uncomfortable. Your colleague may not be aware of this. He will be doing his routine as usual without any affliction. You are the person affected because of your hatred towards him.

Hatred Is the number one enemy of mankind. This has been the cause of most of brutal actions including killings. Likes and dislikes are the root cause of hatred. Whenever someone prevents you from getting what you like, you hate that person. We often read in News papers about incidents where someone who is in love with a person or thing has attacked another person who stands in the way and prevents. In a moment of hatred, even loved ones are attacked brutally. Whenever there are likes, the dislikes equally grow in parallel. Whenever the likes are not fulfilled, you dislike the situation and the persons who stand in the way. This starts from childhood. Now a days we hear even a child telling the mother, “| hate you mummy”, when the mother refuses to give the child's favorite toy. The mother also liberally uses such statements whenever the child refuses to obey her. This has even become a fashion. It is unfortunate that without even our knowledge we are sowing the seed of hatred, the biggest enemy within ourselves from childhood.

As human beings all of us have likes and dislikes. This is natural. But there are good things to like and bad things to dislike. Just like it is good to help others just like it is good to listen to devotional music, disliking tobacco is also good. But in life there are many occasions where our likes clash with each other such as business, employment, education etc. There is competition among the contenders. How can we deal with such situation and avoid hatred? There are three steps to practice:

  • Discourage immoral and unhealthy likes and dislikes
  • Accept different likes and dislikes of others and accommodate them
  • You be the master of your likes and dislikes, do not lose your freedom to say ‘yes’ and 'no' to your likes and dislikes.

Most of our problems are due to our attitude of non acceptance of difficult situations. No one Is exempted from facing difficult situations. Even incarnations had to face difficult situations. This is law of nature. We consider difficult situations as threat to us and resist them. The best way is to undergo the difficult situations wisely as no one can completely avoid such situations. When you resist and hate a situation, you magnify the reality, your mind Is over powered and you lose your ability to solve the problem. Above all, when you hate, you create a negative thought. Negative thought attracts negative power. Mind has a tremendous power to create negative events of negative thinking and positive events of positive thinking. In God's creation everything is meaningful. We don't understand the reasons on many occasions. At a later stage when the events have already passed, we understand some of them. In Bagavad Gita, God describes the qualities of a bhakta (devotee) beloved to Him: “The one who has no hatred for all beings, who is friendly, compassionate, free from possessiveness, free from doership, equal in pleasant and unpleasant situations, accommodative, completely satisfied, always united, who has mastery over his mind, whose mind and intellect are resolved in Me is beloved to Me.”

It is interesting to note that God mentions 'no hatred for all beings’ as the first quality of his beloved bhakta. The entire creation Is His; in fact He Himself is the manifest universe. Therefore the first thing one should learn is acceptance and no hatred for all beings. God Is the controller of results of our actions and He gives us the situation including the difficult ones. Therefore when we accept such situations with reverence to God and the world, we will have the strength to face them and solve the problems without hatred. There are only different situations given to us, nothing to hate. So, whenever you come across a difficult situation, suggest to yourself to accept the situation and pray God to give you the strength to face the situation. This will pass. Practice this and see the difference that it makes in your life. Think of the benefits of dropping this word ‘hatred’ form your dictionary. The first benefit is that your BP will not go up; you will live a long and healthy life. Your mind will be always peaceful, thereby increasing your efficiency many times; you can achieve your goals much easier. You create a peaceful atmosphere at home, at work, wherever you are. Just forget this one word and make your life happy.

Swami Prajnanananda
15 Jun, 2012

Sridhar was expecting a promotion that year. When the results came, he was shocked to know that he was not chosen for the position as he expected. He felt bad that his hard work was not recognized. It was a great set back in his career. He took this as a challenge, resigned his job and started his own company. Due to his bold decision, trust in his own strength and the cooperation of the employees, his company grew much bigger than his competitors in five years time. In another two years, Sridhar purchased the company where he was working previously and dominated the market in his domain. Like Sridhar most of us have come across situations which we thought as adverse turned to be advantageous.

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Swami Prajnanananda
04 Jan, 2012

The Japanese give a lot of importance to gift wrapping. It is an art to wrap the gift and present it. Sometimes the wrapper may cost as much or even more than the content. It is customary to remove the wrapper and see the gift and say a few words In appreciation of the gift received. The guest who presented the gift does not feel bad when the expensive wrapper is removed. Rather he feels good about it, as the host could see the gift and appreciate it. Now a days, most of the goods are purchased on the internet and delivered at your door steps. The package Is so important to protect the content. The form assumes so much importance though the usage is in the content. Bitter medicine has to be consumed in the form of capsule. If you want to drink coffee, you need a cup to hold it. You drink the coffee and leave the cup. But we would like to have attractive and expensive cups. The police force and military have uniforms that make them appear smart and respectable even though they are selected in the force by their qualification and physical fitness. 

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Swami Prajnanananda
20 Jul, 2011

There seems to be a limit to everything that man can do. There is limit to eat, limit to speed, limit to authority. However people always strive to exceed the limit. The very same object that gives pleasure turns out to be unpleasant and harmful when the limit is exceeded. A person who likes cakes finds it very tasty when eating the first cake. When he is offered too many cakes beyond his limit, he says, “No, thanks, it is enough, no more cakes”. What is the difference between the first cake and the last one? The cake is the same. When the limit is exceeded, what is dear becomes bitter. When the limit is self imposed, we are in control of things; otherwise we are being controlled. We also find that the recorded limits are continuously broken as in the case of champions in Olympics. In all our interaction with the external world, we are limited by speed, time, space etc. Human body has limits in height, weight and sense perception just like the earth on which we live also has its limits. We find ourselves limited and the things around us are also limited. However, we keep trying to break these limits. We always have an inner urge to be limitless. There seems to be a contradiction between the limited person and the urge to become limitless. Is there a solution to this issue? Can one become completely limitless and be free from all restrictions?

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Swami Prajnanananda
08 Feb, 2011

When are we hurt? Whenever we are not respected, discouraged, ignored, misunderstood. In our daily life we have to come across different types of people. We have no control over their behavior. Whenever we feel hurt by words or action of others, there is a wound in mind. When repeated, these wounds get accumulated, get deeper and take control of our mind. We know how to deal with physical wounds, but we find it difficult to handle mental wounds. We will be wasting our precious life with painful moments if we cannot handle mental wounds. Life will be more meaningful and enjoyable if we can handle this problem. Let us see some important steps to heal the mental wounds and get rid of them.

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