Be mad, but after God

by Swami Prajnanananda
on 16 Jan, 2014

Oh, in this mad, mad world

What are we running after?

Mad after deluding matter

Mad of money or mad of power


Never ending madness of mankind

It is a cycle of no start and end

Progress of science cannot find

Answer to worries of human mind

All are mad after this or that

Why not be mad after the Lord?

In ever changing material world

You may be the one to go beyond

Birds flying free, fish swim in ease

Trees reach the sky, nature in all smiles

Only the human caught in the web

Woven by him all over the world

World Wide Web, net and phone

It is all for fun ending in vain

Men now spend on cars and phones

More than food, house and books


Men can learn from birds and fish

They are not mad and make no sin

If you are mad, be mad after God

After all He is there in your heart.

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