Ten Steps to Enjoy Every Moment in Life

by Swami Prajnanananda
Created: 03 May, 2010
  1. Pay its price
    There is a price for everything in this world. Either you pay before and enjoy or enjoy and pay later. Better pay before if you really want to enjoy. The inner feeling that you have earned it and deserve the enjoyment is the key to enjoyment.
  2. Move on
    Move on while it is still fun. Sounds strange? Imagine you have five holidays and two working days in a week. Any particular enjoyment has its borderline. If you don't move on time, it becomes boring or problematic. When you are the master of your time and action, everything else will fall in line.
  3. Keep it light
    You might have seen this display if you have travelled on Indian Railways, ‘Less luggage, more comfort, make your travel pleasant’. This is true of life journey also. Do not gather junks and add to your burden. Before buying anything new, ask these two questions. Do I really need this? What can I dispose off before buying this? The same Is applicable to all unwanted relationship and activities.
  4. Free yourself 
    Mentally do not claim ownership for anything that you associate with. You are not the owner of even your body, what to say about other persons and objects. Everything comes and goes, including your body. Give due respect to persons, enjoy their presence, help them but do not try to control and own them. Earn wealth and use it, without claiming ownership mentally. If you have done this, you are free.
  5. Give
    Develop the habit of giving. All great persons who lived on this earth have agreed on one thing-'Real joy Is in giving’. If you have any doubt, just do it and verify. You feel guilt internally when you take something you don't deserve and you feel great whenever you give to the deserving.
  6. Care for the people
    A Grandma was crying during a telephone conversation. When asked for the reason for crying, she said, “The little girl on the phone asked about my health, she cared for me. | was moved. No one else has the time to enquire about me.” Say a few nice words to the people around you and care for them. You will in turn feel good always.
  7. Learn to enjoy
    When you know swimming, you enjoy it. You learn to enjoy when you enjoy learning. That which is tough in the beginning is going to be a pleasure later. Enjoy the work you do or change to the work you enjoy. Live in present tense to enjoy. It does not make sense to toil the whole month for one moment of joy at the end of the month.
  8. Get lost
    Recollect all moments of joy in your life-the moment you passed an exam, the moment you fell in love, the moment you had a baby. Did you not forget yourself in all these moments? Choose to play with children, Choose to listen to music, choose to do something you love and forget yourself.
  9. Laugh out
    Main hurdle for joy is getting upset over criticism. Leave these remarks to rest for a while. You will laugh it over after a while. If the remark is right, you have to change; If It is not, you forget It. Let criticism play Its role but not trespass your mind.
  10. Look for the source
    Internally be simple and plain, have nothing to hide. In other words, do not deceive yourself. You cannot sacrifice long term joy for short term pleasure. The power of simplicity and inner peace is the source of joy at any moment. Look for the joy internally. You have it in abundance. You are the source of joy.

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