What the virus taught us?

by Swami Prajnanananda
on 07 May, 2020

Unprecedented panic prevails in the entire human society today due to a novel virus. We may not know the cause for the emergence of the virus and the remedy as of now. But in the laws of the Lord, there is a reason for everything that happens. There is no such thing as accident in nature. We, the human beings call it accident or novelty when we do not know the reasons.

There are self- imposed lock downs in most of the countries and every nation is isolated from the other as no travel is allowed anywhere. The economy has come to a grinding halt. All these are relevant only to the human beings. The birds continue to fly as usual. The trees flower without any fear, rather the animals and plants are now happier than they were a few months before. We all consider the virus as our declared enemy and want to fight it without knowing the weapon to fight with. Who has invited this enemy? Certainly not the plants and animals on this earth. Probably the creator wanted to give a warning to the humans to remind them of what they have done to their own mother-the earth. In our tradition, mother earth, Bhuma devi is the consort of Lord Vishnu. She is the embodiment of patience and hence she has been patient enough to all the ill treatments she has received from her own children, the humans. But there is a limit for everything. The Lord is watching us and perhaps we have exceeded all limits and hence the Lord has sent the virus to teach us a lesson. The rulers, the citizens, the warriors and the businessmen, all should retrospect now. The moment we sincerely realize our wrong doings and take all our next steps respecting nature, the virus will disappear. No doubt our scientists are working round the clock to find a vaccine. This human effort can take us only to half the distance, the rest must come from the grace of the Lord. We certainly cannot live in the old style of indiscriminate indulgence for selfish ends anymore. Our attitude should change to appreciate harmony of all living beings.

Mother earth provides us everything that we need to live. In turn what have done to our mother? In greed of seeking unending comforts, we have killed other living creatures and destroyed the greenery, polluted water and air, dug the earth for coal and gas. Except the human beings no other living being goes against nature. The plants consume even dirty water and give us tasty fruits. Even the wild animals do not kill other animals when they are not hungry, they don’t save anything for future. In nature, the plants and animals contribute to the humans more than what they consume. We, the humans, wanted to be smarter and cleverer, but the novel virus taught us to be wiser and friendlier. In these hard days of lock down we have found out certain truths we refused accept before:

  • We spend more time with our family members now.
  • We are more disciplined in social life, giving respect to the needs of others.
  • We now understand a simple life in a village, closer to nature is safer and better
  • We burn far lesser gasoline than before and started saving mother earth.
  • We have found that the huge malls and crowded places are not safe anymore.
  • We have now learnt to do the house-hold chores ourselves without a domestic help.

The list can go on; as a result, we have better air, cleaner water and clear sky to live with.

In troubled times, we should not panic. We should make every adverse situation to advantage by learning the lessons

the nature teaches us. We have had HIV, SARS, Swine flu, dengue, Ebola and now Covid 19. If this goes, something else may come. No doubt science and technology will find some solution in due course. But that does not do away with the fundamental problem of human society. We should learn to readjust our lifestyle. Today, the people who live a simple life in rural atmosphere live a normal, peaceful life than the urban folks. Historians remark that India always had self- contained, peaceful villages, undisturbed by the turbulence of the world. We have now created a world wide web and caught in it. But we are not spiders to live in web! Let us now wake up! The virus has given us a wakeup call. Now we have enough time to think and become less dependent on the materials for comfort. The real comfort is within us and Lord has given everything to a human being to live a happy life. Just imagine a situation where the generation of electricity has completely stopped for a week in the world. It is much worse situation than the virus. In today’s world life will come to a halt without electricity. Not only the computers and other electronic gadgets require electricity, even the milk in the fridge needs it. Now is the time the leaders of the future should think of following for a safe and peaceful world:

  • Decentralize and localize activities to avoid catastrophe
  • Reduce consumerism
  • Encourage rural living by providing facilities in villages
  • Bring homes near workplace
  • Encourage physical activities like house cleaning etc. (This is better than the gym because you spend energy usefully)
  • Use more of non-conventional source of energy such as solar energy
  • Avoid unnecessary and jolly trips to conserve energy.
  • In hot climates like India, use sun light instead of artificial lights. Design buildings to let sun light come in.
  • Always follow social distancing and unnecessary body contacts.
  • Avoid crowding in malls and supermarkets. Purchase is not pass time.
  • Above all leave some natural resources on earth for future generations

Even before we come out with a vaccine, the virus may disappear, if we have learnt the lesson the Lord has given through the virus.

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